by Seasons

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released June 22, 2010

Recorded at Red Rockets Glare in the Winter of 2009. Produced by Raymond Richards. Mastered by Mark Chalecki.



all rights reserved


Seasons Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Light, Lost
So you think you lost the love
Filled you up now it's too much
You might as well have lost the light
To get it back can take a lifetime wasting time
There's always time

Another target in your view
To gun 'em down feels brand new
I could've swore it was a war
Collect the skins and hope this life will offer more
There's always war

How much more can this life afford?
There's always come downs and worn out smiles
You try to hide
There's not much time
There's always light

Oh oh oh
Oh, well you lost the luster
Oh, well, you lost, you lost the light
Light, Lost
Track Name: Of Our Discontent
You're tongue-in-cheek
All dripping irony
I think we should talk
It stops
It blossomed long ago, now I'm a pro
But it's still new...

What am I to do?
Split myself in two
Wrapped up in your moods

I dream of growing up
To think that we are stuck here is tough
Drown me in your ocean, to sync with all your motion is all i could Need..and I'm all yours...

It's what I have to do
Split myself in two
and wrap my heart in you
Track Name: Places
There's a place in my hometown
Where I erase the saddest frown
And my friends all around
And my friends stick around
And we drink until morning
We drink until dawn
And the beds, they all moan when they're calling us home
But it's not where I want to be right now

ooh oooh ooooh

And there's a place where nothing is cruel
A fragile vase where flowers bloom
But my head starts to swoon
And my eyes start to close
And there's blood on the table
There's blood on my clothes
But I'm smiling away cause I can't feel no pain
And I know I'll be safe when you get home

ooh oooh ooooh

And there's a face that I once knew
She's been erased
She's out of view
But her ghost haunts me still
I keep pushing away
I'll forget all her numbers
I'll forget her last name
Until she keeps disappearing, her body...her eyes
Pretty soon she'll be nothing but a star in the sky...

ooh oooh ooooh
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
abres los ojos

Open your eyes
I know you can
You stay in disguise, I'll understand

Just open your eyes
I'll show you how
You stay in disguise, I'll always pick you out

It was all in your head
It's all in your bed
It's wrapped in words that we misread
You're rotting away from me
You're rotting away from me
You're rotting away from me
It's a beautiful decay

Just open your eyes
Open your eyes

And It was all in our bed now
It's all in our head now
It's wrapped up in words that we misread
You're rotting away from me
You're rotting away from me
You're rotting away from me
I want you to stay

Just open your eyes

Cause it was all in my head
It's all in my bed
Wrapped in goodbyes that I misread
You're rotting away from me
You're rotting away from me
Rotting away from me
It's a beautiful decay
Track Name: Always
Darling, You showed me your virtue
But I don't deserve what you need
Crowning me the king of disaster
Reminding me of what should've mattered
It mattered? never mattered before

Always and forever is always stuck in my head
And I was smoke that grew from our fire
To choke you signal this fire is tired
You're tired? I don't wanna let go

And all we need are flames
To lift us up like airplanes
To walk across, I'm not afraid
And are we still the same? even though our brains change
I love you like i always have..always have..always have..
And always will...

Always and forever...................................................................................