by Seasons

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released January 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Seasons Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: These United States
I was born in outer space
No disrespect to the human race
But I think we got it all mixed up
And I'm not gonna sit and watch it burn

God bless these united states
Acid eggs and a human paste
And I'm feeling interstellar now that everyone is staring at the ground

What are we waiting for?
It's life that were living for
I know you want it all but you can ask for more
And time will show you everything will be alright....
Track Name: Monday Night
I know what you need,
Baby c'mon, let's go and share the greed
Baby ya know I only sleep to dream
Baby I know it's Monday night, it's free
and I will drive..

Hearts are on the sleeve
Baby, ya know there's booze and love, it's cheap
Baby, I wont let it bring me to my knees
Baby, don't let it bring you to your knees
Baby get up now!

'Cause you may already know
You may already know
That we are already home

This is only half a life
This is only half my life
And we are prone to wasting time
C'mon and fill the other side
and don't give up
Don't give up
Baby get up now

And you may already know
You may already know
We are already home
Track Name: You Are
You are

You cripple, you shake every time you think too far
And i'm broken and crumbling when we are ripped apart
Oh, its one and the same, all the chances we take, I hope you're wrong
Cause you're all that I want and I wont let you fall too far

And we cried out to the sun
Turn the lights out, we will crawl
By the light of the moon and the angel in you, we'll flow
To the ocean and in to the sky where you will glow

You are

And all of your thoughts in your heart are almost dead
But it's not all your fault, I just have to rearrange
You're the piece to the puzzle, the end of my strife, I hope you'll stay
'Cause we're all just as lost as a star in the morning rays

So we cried out to our Gods
Shed some light down, we must be found
By the light of your wounds and the strength of my roots we'll grow
To the shore and into the mountains, into the snow...oh...
Track Name: Number Of The Beat

Sometimes I get blinded by the wind
But I'm not about to give in
'Cause this is what I want
This is what i need to prove that I still bleed

Faith, it will drive you till your death
And I don't wanna wait long to have you on my breath
Cause this is what I want , yeah, this is what I need
This is what I want to prove that I still bleed

Someday I'll know
Just where I'm gonna go
And I wont be alarmed
No, I wont do you harm
And I will be awake when you're asleep
I'll be the nightmare in your dreams
I'll light a candle at your grave
I'll sit and watch it burn away